The Perfect Animal Necklace for Each Neckline

You want to know what kind of animal necklace is perfect for each neckline. It’s in the title, so we will, of course, deliver. But we’re also sharing some great presents for animal lovers in this article.

So if you’re looking for yourself or are on the hunt for a gift for friends, we’ve got your back. Well, technically, we’ve got your neck for this one!

No matter what you’re wearing, there’s a necklace for it. So, let’s dive into the best options for every neckline.

Square Neckline

Let’s start with the easiest neckline to style. Square necklines have straight lines and leave the base of your neck wide open. For this neckline, pretty much any necklace will work. Although, try to stay away from anything too chunky.

Our Dainty Silver Penguin Necklace is a cute choice. Its curves and daintiness will compliment a square neckline perfectly.

But if you want something a little more glamorous, go for our Sterling Silver Dolphin Necklace. Again, the curves will work beautifully against the square neckline, and the diamond will add that glitz. Oh, and if you’re looking for presents for animal lovers, this one is gorgeous.

Scoop Neckline

Another easy-to-style neckline is the scoop neckline. This one boasts a deep curve, making any animal necklace a great choice.

But delicate pieces should be your first choice if you want to be a pro at styling your scoop necklines. This Penguin and Igloo necklace is subtle but different.

Layer up those necklaces to go that extra mile and be bolder with your animal jewellery! So, grab one of our chokers and a longer chain from our origami range.


We can’t talk about animal jewellery and not mention the turtleneck. Although not technically a neckline, as the neck is completely covered, a turtleneck is another easy-to-style outfit.

Choose any animal necklace you love, and throw it over the top. Of course, a choker isn’t the best choice, but short or long; all necklaces can work.

Our top tip with a turtleneck is to contrast your colours. If you’re wearing something dark, opt for a splash of colour like our Multicoloured Turtle Necklaces.

Our simple Petite Turtle Necklace is an excellent choice for a colourful outfit. Finally, a beautiful piece is our Sterling Silver Zircon Crystal Turtle Necklace. This one would make a lovely present for animal lovers in your life.

Yes - all of these options are turtles because it’s for a turtleneck. It just makes sense.


The V-neck has straight lines that form a ‘V’ leading down to your bust. This neckline is all about drawing attention to your chest. So, you need an animal necklace that will do the same.

Don’t go anywhere near your long-chain necklaces for this neckline unless you want to look mismatched; opt for a shorter chain. Something with a V shape itself will work well and make you look classy. Likewise, something angular, like our Origami Penguin Necklace, will look stunning with a V-neck.

But if you want to make your outfit pop, go for something with a big pendant. The Ocean Shell Necklace plunges and makes a statement. Although not technically an animal, this necklace is still the perfect piece of animal jewellery for your V-neck outfit.

Strapless Neckline

Strapless necklines don’t have, you guessed it, straps. But do you know the best animal necklace for this neckline style? Let us tell you. Chokers.

Wearing a choker will draw attention to your neck and away from your stomach. But if you don’t own a choker, don’t panic; we have plenty of options.

A simple and cute choker is our Gold Chain Butterfly Choker. Everyone will compliment you on how elegant it looks with your strapless outfit. However, our Diamond Butterfly Choker Necklace is a great alternative if you want to be a little glitzy. This one will dazzle people from across the room.

Another way to get people’s attention with a strapless outfit is to choose a choker with a pendant and layer it up. So why not try our Penguin Choker and Chain Necklace with a choker and longer necklace all in one?

This one is perfect if you want to show off your unique style with animal jewellery, or you’re looking for presents for animal lovers who like to be different with their style.

Halter Neckline

Halter necklines aren’t for everyone, and with material running up and around the neck, they can seem quite tricky to accessorise.

However, the perfect animal necklace does exist - it’s one on a longer and thinner chain.

Halter necklines already make a statement, especially as they usually mean having your upper back bare. So, something more subtle is best with this neckline.

Try our Gold Turtle Necklace. It’s simple and delicate with a long chain, perfect for a halter neckline.

Now, if you’re not keen on wearing a necklace with a halter top, you can always go for some statement earrings instead. We have plenty of animal earrings you can choose from!

Sweetheart Neckline

Sweetheart necklines are gorgeous and practically call out for statement necklaces. This neckline has so much open space, so you need to go big.

Our Rhinestones Unicorn Pendant Necklace would grab the eye of anyone you walk by. It’s large, glimmers, and is a unicorn - you can’t make much more of a statement.

Another option, although not perfect for everyone, is our Mother Daughter Pendant Necklace. This is a beautiful present for animal lovers, especially if you’re a mother or daughter who loves penguins.

The Perfect Animal Necklace

From square and V-neck to scoop and sweetheart necklines, there’s an animal necklace for every outfit you own. Once you know how to style your animal necklaces for each neckline, you’ll make fashion statements left, right, and centre.