6 Reasons Why Penguins Are Awesome and Gifts for Penguin Lovers

Penguins are awesome, and if you’re reading this post, you probably agree. Or you at least know someone who is a hardcore penguin lover. So, we've got you covered if you’re looking for gifts for penguin lovers or simply want to read about how awesome penguins are.

If you don’t know, here at Shop Penguin, we think penguins are amazing animals. Our brand name kind of gives it away. But it’s not just our name that shows our love for penguins.

We have cute and trendy penguin jewellery for all the penguin lovers in your life, but that’s not all.

A percentage of all our website sales go to the Global Penguin Society. This is because 10 of the world’s 18 species of penguins are threatened with extinction, and we want to do what we can to keep these beautiful birds on our planet.

So, in today’s post, we wanted to celebrate the penguin and all its awesomeness. Let’s get into the 6 reasons why penguins are awesome. Oh, and we’ll be giving you gifts for penguin lovers, too!

Reasons Penguins Are Awesome

Penguin lovers know what’s up, and if you’re on the fence about penguins, let us convince you of how epic they are. We have 6 reasons here, but this list is by no means exhaustive. There are simply too many reasons to list!

1. The waddle

No one can deny that a penguin waddle is the cutest thing on the planet. With their short and stubby legs, they can’t help but waddle. These birds are all-around cute, but the way they walk just tops it off.

So, if you want to waddle alongside the penguins, our Penguin Earrings make great gifts for penguin lovers. They’re simple but cute and come in silver, gold and rose gold. We’ve got you covered in all the colours!

2. Penguins can jump 7 feet into the air

We love penguins because even though they can’t fly, they don’t let it stop them from soaring 7 feet into the air. They’re incredible swimmers and know how to shoot themselves straight out of the water and into the heavens.

Us humans may not be able to show off in the same way, but luckily we have penguin jewellery. Our Dreamer Penguin Necklace is an excellent gift for penguin lovers who like to draw attention as it changes colour in the dark.

So, we don’t recommend trying to fling yourself 7 feet in the air; opt for some funky penguin jewellery instead.

3. Penguins can dive to 1500 metres

We’ve already established that penguins are great swimmers, but did you know that the emperor penguin can dive to over 1500 metres? That’s pretty impressive!

What’s also impressive is our Origami Penguin Necklace. Do you know someone who likes cool and quirky pieces? Gifts for penguin lovers don’t get much cooler than this piece!

4. Penguins are romantic and make incredible parents

We’re sure you’ve heard that in some penguin species, a male penguin steals a female’s heart by choosing the perfect stone to give her. It’s basically like a proposal with a ring to us humans. But this stone represents the coming together of the two penguins to mate and have babies.

Once the mother lays her egg, she forages for food while the father keeps their egg warm. Both parents do everything they can to look after their children. They take it in turns to gather food and keep the chick warm, working as a team all the way.

The obvious gifts for penguin lovers who are also parents would show the family unit, like our Penguin Love Necklace. This necklace has parent penguins with their baby penguin between them. It’s too cute.

Another penguin jewellery gift is our Mother Daughter Penguin Necklace. If your mother, or daughter, loves penguins, this necklace couldn’t be a more perfect present.  

5. Suit and tie ready

This is a classic point, but penguins are always suit and tie ready. Did you know that the black and white colourings of a penguin are unique to each individual penguin?

While we’re on the subject of suit and tie, some of our penguin necklaces are the perfect gifts for penguin lovers heading somewhere fancy.

Treat your loved one with our Opal Penguin Necklace to make a statement. Or, opt for our Petite Diamond Penguin necklace for something more subtle and sparkly.

6. Not scared of humans

Knowing that penguins aren’t scared of humans is amazing if you're a penguin lover. They’ll happily waddle over to you, say hello, and see if you have any snacks.

So, if you or the penguin lover in your life isn’t afraid to be fun and friendly, try our Cartoon Penguin Earrings as a gift.

Penguins Are Awesome

We knew it; we’ve convinced you that penguins are awesome. We also gave you gifts for penguin lovers that will have your penguin-obsessed bestie screaming with joy. That’s almost as awesome as the penguins themselves.

Oh, and don't forget that anything you purchase from Shop Penguin will help to save the penguins, too. So, your bestie will be happy, we’ll be happy, and the penguins will be happy. Awesomeness all around!