Trendy Animal Jewellery Ideas for Spring at the Beach

It’s spring, you’re at the beach, and all you need is a trendy piece of animal jewellery to show off to the world. Shop Penguin has a range of jewellery for animal lovers, no matter the season.

But today, let’s look at the trendiest pieces to wear this spring.

Penguin Jewellery

You’re at the beach, so what makes more sense than penguin jewellery? Nothing. Studded penguin earrings or a necklace are the perfect choices for a spring day at the beach.

Shop Penguin’s Dreamer Penguin Necklace is already cool because it’s a penguin. But it also changes colour in the dark. So your necklace will match the sandy colour of the beach during the day and turn to light green in the evening. Beautiful.

Penguin jewellery is always a popular option for all seasons. So, you can't go wrong if you’re a penguin lover.

Turtle Jewellery

Turtle jewellery is another clear winner for a day at the beach. Maybe you’ll even see some real turtles!

The possibilities are endless for all animal lovers with our turtle jewellery range. You’re bound to find something you love, from studded earrings and rings to necklaces.

But for spring at the beach, there’s nothing cuter than our turtle anklet. In all silver, it’s pretty and dainty, and you can show it off with a skirt, dress, or cutoff trousers. 

Other Animal Jewellery

So, you’re not a fan of penguins and turtles? That’s fine. We have plenty of other options for you. After all, jewellery for animal lovers is kind of what we do.

Having a Whale of a Time

Still keeping with your beach day, our Whale Tail Earring and Necklace Set is a great combo, especially if you don’t want to have to figure out your necklace and earrings.

Another whale option is the Silver Origami Whale Necklace.

Thinking Outside of the Beach

Not an obvious choice for a day at the beach, but sporting a piece of elephant jewellery can still work.

Anklets on the beach are beyond cute, and so is this Silver Elephant Charm Anklet. It’s dainty, simple, and will glimmer beautifully in the sunshine.

Slow Beach Vibes

Are you feeling quirky? We dare you to wear our Sloth Necklace this spring. A slow-paced, relaxed day is what you want at the beach, so why not emulate that through your choice of animal jewellery?

Sloths know how to keep it chill, so hang one from your neck to remind you to slow down and enjoy life. 

Silver Pieces

Gold jewellery will always be on the radar, but silver pieces are trending upwards. So get your silver animal jewellery at the ready.

Choose from our Starfish Earrings and Necklace Set or Sterling Silver Dolphin Earrings. Both make a bold statement that falls effortlessly into the beach theme.

While we’re on the topic of bold statements, that brings us to our next point.

Bold Jewellery

Simple jewellery in plain gold or silver can be the best choice. However, this spring, we want colours, and we want to make a statement.

Colourful jewellery is a big trend, and our Rainbow Turtle Bracelet is the perfect piece to choose. It’s colourful, and it’s a turtle - it’s the epitome of a spring beach day.

Another bold jewellery piece is our Ocean Charms Bracelet. You’re on the beach; why not compliment it smoothly with some statement shells hanging from your wrist?

We’ve already mentioned the turtle anklet, but you simply can’t ignore our bold Aqua Starfish Anklet. But, unlike the turtle anklet, this one is more likely to draw attention. So, this one is the way to go if you love to stand out.

Ocean Waves

Okay, animal jewellery is perfect for spring break at the beach. But what about a simple but effective ocean wave piece?

Spring trends see new and exciting shapes crop up, which is why the Tranquility Wave Ring is a must-have. It’s simple but different. You can also choose silver, gold, and even rose gold, whatever your preferred style.

If rings aren’t your go-to jewellery piece, opt for our Tranquility Wave necklace or earrings. These pieces are simple but will beautifully complement the natural ocean waves around you.

Spring Animal Jewellery

Spring is the season where the colours come out, and everyone is excited about summer being just around the corner. It’s your chance to be playful and show off your best animal jewellery. So, throw on a spring dress and grab your favourite penguin jewellery to match!