Gift ideas for animal lovers

Are you looking for something special for the animal-lover in your life? This may come as a surprise, but not every animal-lover necessarily wants another pair of cat-themed socks, or extra members of their teddy bear’s tea party. 

Show how well you know them, with a gift that really understands their heart for animals. There’s more to picking this gift than the physical possessions. You’ll want to reflect their care for wildlife, nature and the welfare of animals everywhere. 

Here are some particularly thoughtful gift ideas that your kind-hearted animal-lover will treasure.

Adopt an animal 

It’s easy to adopt an animal for somebody else. And it’s exotic! Imagine telling your friends that you’ve got your loved one a tiger for their birthday…

Where would you go to look for the perfect adoptee? Well, the most popular options tend to be to endangered animals, which you can sponsor through the WWF or your local zoo.

You’ll help protect the environment in which your adopted animal lives, and you’ll be helping their species continue and grow in years to come. 

Giving the gift of adoption shows that you understand that all animals are important. You’re willing to give financially towards a cause that’s dear to any animal-lover’s heart. And you’ll also be securing regular (and potentially cute) updates about your adopted animal. 

You’re really giving a gift that matters with this one, and showing your thoughtful side.

Give animal-themed jewellery

Jewellery is a timeless classic as a gift. Whether you’re looking for sparkly, pretty, cute, or colourful, you’ll find something that reflects your recipient’s personality. They’re bound to delight in wearing it! 

Animal-themed jewellery adds that extra personal touch. Everybody wants to feel known, understood and seen by their loved ones and what better way to show you know a person than to buy a ring or a bracelet embellished with their favourite animal?

In fact, we’ve got all sorts of options to choose from. You can have a look at our cute and classy turtle jewellery, including opal earrings, multicoloured necklaces and mood rings.  Or you’ll find an elegant selection of penguin jewellery, which includes diamond necklaces, rose gold earrings, or options in opal. 

Animal-lover gifts aren’t always easy to get right. And just because somebody likes an animal, doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily want all the cushions in their house themed on their chosen critter. But with jewellery, you can’t go wrong. It’s delicate, attractive and it’s a real treat to receive. Think about the excitement you feel as you hold that velvet box awaiting its first reveal. Unboxing a piece of jewellery that’s been picked for you, with thought and care, is a touching gesture for a special occasion.

It’s a gift that extends beyond the purchase as well. A percentage of all of our sales goes towards the Global Penguin Society. You’ll be combining your animal-lover’s joy in new jewellery with their concern over protecting wildlife and conserving the environments where wildlife thrives. 

It’s really a multi-dimensional gift that will make your special person feel known, loved and cared for. With a range of animal options from unicorns, to mantra rays, turtles and penguins, you’ll be able to find the perfect gift at Shop Penguin.

Get up close and personal with the animals!

Giving the gift of an experience is a meaningful way to make memories and delight your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or family member. Plan a fun day out with them to mark the special occasion and show you care.

You can find all sorts of animal-themed experiences when you start looking. 

You could try a boat trip to visit wildlife in its natural habitat. If you’re near Wales, a trip around Ramsey Island or Skomer Island will show you a thriving collection of animals. You’ll see puffins, porpoises, seals, and unusual sea-going birds like kittiwakes, guillemots and fulmar petrols. You might even be lucky enough to see whales if you’re there in May to September. 

Or perhaps you’re keen to take a trip further north. In that case, you could try a similar excursion to the Farne Islands. It’s up in Northumberland so wrap up warm! But the wildlife is largely untouched, and supported by local National Trusts and the RSPB. Again, it’s famous for puffins and seals in numbers that you’d find nowhere else in the UK.

Good luck finding the perfect gift for your loved one. We hope these ideas sparked some inspiration! If you’d like to see animal-themed rings, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and necklaces, please visit