Animal Earrings for Your Next Coffee Date

You may be seen as a bit weird if you don’t drink coffee these days. Even in the UK, a tea-drinking nation, coffee shops have become increasingly popular in recent years. Starbucks, Costa, or Cafe Nero, there’s at least one of them on the nearest corner.

But coffee can be about a lot more than just the coffee. Let’s be honest; it’s always about much more than the coffee. So, why not wear a piece of animal jewellery to take the date up a notch? 

Friends meet over coffee to catch up on the latest gossip. Business partners meet over coffee to discuss their next big move. You may just meet the love of your life over coffee. But what would make all of those coffee dates better? An interesting choice of earrings to start a conversation! 

So, with all that in mind, let’s look at some of the perfect animal earrings for your next coffee date. From statement animal jewellery to cute penguin studs, there’s always a perfect earring for you to wear, no matter the coffee occasion!

Bold Earrings for Your Besties

Let’s start with earrings for your next coffee date with your besties. With your closest friends, this is where you can get out the crazy animal earrings that you own. Your besties aren’t going to bat an eyelid if you turn up for coffee wearing outrageous animal jewellery. They might make some sarcastic comments, but they’ll love your boldness.

So, open that animal jewellery box, pull out your favourite dangly earrings, and rock them. After all, if you can’t be yourself with your besties, who can you be yourself with?

Catch Your Crush With Cute Earrings

Are you meeting your crush? Or maybe they’re a little more than a crush, and you’ve officially started dating. Either way, you want earrings that will grab their attention but not take the focus off you. So, opt for some big studs or a simple dangly earring.

Whether you love penguins, butterflies, or starfish, wearing animal jewellery on a date is a great idea. It’s the perfect way to express yourself to your crush and start a conversation. You never know, maybe they’re a penguin lover, too!

Plus, if you go for some dangly animal jewellery, you can playfully twirl it in your fingers and turn on your best flirting - just like they do in the movies! Maybe you’ll even share a kiss over the lattes. 

Animal Earrings Mean Business

Heading for coffee with a colleague or two? Do not hesitate to express yourself with your earrings. Of course, you might not want to be as bold as you would be with your besties. However, a small statement with animal jewellery can still work.

After all, going to coffee is less formal than being in the office. So, grab some studded animal earrings, such as these petite penguin earrings, and see how many people admire them. 

Animal Jewellery to an Interview?

So perhaps you’re not at the point of going for coffee with colleagues because you’re still looking for that perfect job. Maybe you dread job interviews and never know what to wear. 

But job interviews don’t have to be scary and formal, especially since the soar of Zoom. So, if you can get away with still wearing your pyjama bottoms on a Zoom meeting, why not wear some animal earrings to your next interview?

Now, we’re not suggesting giant penguins hanging from your ears. However, stud penguin earrings, or maybe owl earrings if you prefer, could be a great choice. Studs aren’t too over the top but can still give your potential employer a good impression.

Wearing animal jewellery to an interview could give an aura of confidence which is always attractive to an employer. So, first, be confident in your choice of animal jewellery. Second, wear it with pride!

Animal Earrings and Coffee Dates

As you can see, there are earrings for every type of coffee date. So go big with statement animal earrings with your besties and opt for subtle studs for more formal meetings. But hey, we’re not going to stop you if you want to pull out the dangly turtle earrings for that job interview!