Do you want a thoughtful gift for the upcoming wedding season? Why penguin jewellery might be just what you need.

Did you know that Rockhopper Penguins are monogamous and mate for life? The wedding season is upon us, and what better way to show it than a beautiful piece of penguin jewellery that embodies the love and dedication of Rockhoppers? It’s a perfect gift for any bride to be but especially thoughtful for those dedicated to animals, the protection of their habitat and, of course, penguin-lovers in particular.

And, did you know, despite only spending 23% of every year together to mate and raise young, the Rockhopper Penguin remains loyal throughout its lifetime and only sees its mate during breeding.

An Engagement Gift

An engagement is a wonderful occasion, celebrating the proposed union of two people we most love. The engagement party is a time to acknowledge their dedication to each other, look to the future, and celebrate all that they have ahead.

Why not share in their joy by giving a small but significant gift to your friend, relative or colleague to celebrate their good news alongside the traditional champagne flutes? A little something to mark an occasion they will treasure for a long time to come. A practical, understated piece of jewellery can speak volumes, whether they’re a passionate animal lover  or a keen environmentalist.

And penguins aside, if you think they’d appreciate a magical present, why not a unicorn gift, symbolising everything that is positive and possible in their future life together?

Something old, new, borrowed and blue

We can’t match them all, but if you’re the bride, we can certainly provide a little exquisite inspiration for the traditional saying, like this blue opal turtle necklace or this tranquility wave necklace bought especially for the occasion. Something small, elegant and meaningful that represents what you love or stand for in the world.

If, however, you’re considering giving a thoughtful gift, perhaps for your bridesmaids on the big day or as a little thank you afterwards, then we’ve no end of ideas. Of course, we have penguin jewellery and gifts for penguin lovers, but we also have other unique pieces that will suit the occasion and your pocket. Show your gratitude by buying something that’s close to their heart, whether it’s their dog, unicorns, or the ocean.

The honeymoon gift. Or a gift for their return?

If you’d like to surprise your newlywed partner, why not place a little present on their pillow whilst away on your magical honeymoon? Whatever the destination, sparkling blue oceans or bustling city centre, consider gifting a delicate silver necklace or some delightful starfish earrings just because you love her.

And consider, humans aren’t the only animals that give gifts. Gentoo Penguins provide pebbles for their mate to use as part of the nest. So, be more penguin and let your animal-loving loved one wake up to an animal-themed gift.

Don’t feel left out if you’re not on your honeymoon, either! If your friend, relative or partner is away, hide a gift for their return and show them they’re treasured. We all need to feel understood, and even more so by those we’re close to, so gift an item signifying something you know they’re passionate about.

Your own Jewellery Collection

If you’re not getting married, but you have several invitations, then treat yourself! Whatever you buy to wear on the day will forever bring you beautiful memories when you wear it afterwards.

Perhaps more importantly, if you love animals or ocean creatures like penguins or turtles, and you want your jewellery to express who you are fully, then here is the perfect opportunity to wear something that aligns with your values.

If sun, sea and surf are your thing or your loved ones are marrying abroad, you can even show your love and respect for the ocean with a stylish anklet bearing seashells, a turtle or ocean charms.

One last word

Before we go, we want to say that Penguins are inspiring creatures. However, according to Birdlife International, of the 18 species on the planet, nine are seen as vulnerable or endangered by the IUNC. So, for every purchase you make, a percentage of our profits is donated to the Global Penguin Society to support these fantastic birds and their natural homes, making any gift you buy even more precious.

Please browse our selection of beautiful jewellery at your leisure. Have a look at our distinctive collection of anklets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. From the charming giraffe necklace to these adorable penguin earrings, you can pay homage to your favourite animal and support GPS simultaneously.