Festival Style Jewellery for Animal Lovers - a Festival Style Guide

You’re about to spend four days in a muddy field, most likely getting rained on, so let’s at least make you look good with your accessories. Festivals are a unique and perfect opportunity to get creative and expressive with your style.

So, if you’re here for plain, old, regular festival styles, you’re in the wrong place. Instead, we’re giving you festival style jewellery for animal lovers who want to look cool during festival season.

Sound good? Great! Let’s find the perfect pieces to make you stand out in the wet and muddy crowd.

Mix and Match

Festivals are not the time to play it safe. So, put away your delicate and dainty pieces, and get out the weird and funky stuff. That goes for your clothes, too! Jewellery for animal lovers can already be a little different, bold, and quirky. So, lean into it!

Grab our cheeky Monkey Necklace with the sparkled eyes ready to watch the gigs with you, and pair it with our Turtle Charm Anklet. Who says you can’t wear monkeys and turtles together? It’s festival season - you can wear what you want!

We’re not only talking about mixing and matching animals here. A Gold Origami Elephant Necklace and Silver Sausage Dog Earrings? Do it. Yes, another mismatch between animals, but more importantly, mixing of metals. If there’s a time to break the rule of wearing only one metal, it’s at a festival.

Finally, if you simply love the satisfaction of matching your animal jewellery, go for our Gold Butterfly Bracelet with our Gold Chain Butterfly Choker.

Layers Upon Layers

101 in festival style guides is layer, stack, and wear it all! You may get called a hippy or cooky if you wear all of your rings and five necklaces on a regular Tuesday. But at a festival? Everyone will think you’re cool and confident and will compliment your style left, right, and centre. 

So, with that in mind, choose your favourite animal rings and wear them all! Then layer up those necklaces - try our Baby Blue Butterfly Choker with our longer Origami Unicorn Necklace.

Layering doesn’t stop there, either. Festival-goers are notorious for having multiple ear piercings; if that’s you, don’t you dare not fill them up with animal earrings. Of course, showcase some dangles like our Turtle Dangle Earrings. Then, adorn your ears with funky studs like our Bumble Bee Earrings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, colours, styles and animals with your jewellery and your choice of clothes. The crowd is huge; stand out from it!

Time to Shine and Sparkle

Festivals and glitter go hand in hand, so why not throw some diamonds into the mix, too? You can dance the day and night away and dazzle everyone at the same time. No one will look at the performer when you’re rocking our Gold Statement Unicorn Stud Earrings.

As we’ve said, jewellery for animal lovers can already be a bit extra. But diamond jewellery for animal lovers is on another level. But that’s perfect, because festivals are on another level, too.

We love the sparkly trend for festivals because everyone’s covered in glitter anyway, so you may as well go all-out. So, no matter what colour glitter you’re wearing, pair it with our Sparkling Diamond Butterfly Necklace or Petite Penguin necklace.

Finally, if you’re one of those we mentioned who likes things to match, opt for our White Gold Turtle Necklace and Earring Set. Diamond turtles everywhere? That’s definitely a festival style statement!

Go Bold or Go Home

This festival style guide would not be complete without telling you to go bold or go home. We’ve already established that festivals are where you can amp up your style and think outside the box. So, do that!

Jewellery for animal lovers is a perfect way to stand out - everyone else will wear layers of jewellery, sparkly diamonds, and a mismatch of pieces. But will they be going bold with animal jewellery? We think not.

So, it’s time to slide on that Diamond Snake Ring or Unicorn Adjustable Ring and tell the world who you are. Be wild with Starfish Earrings or match our Giraffe Necklace with our Giraffe Earrings.

The opportunities are endless, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that it’s almost a requirement to be loud and proud with your festival jewellery.

Other Festival Jewellery

Okay, this post is about festival jewellery for animal lovers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear pieces that aren’t animals.

Going back to all you lovers of matching jewellery, our sparkly and spiritual Crescent Moon Earrings and necklace scream festival chic.

We already mentioned that layering up is the way to go at festivals, so check out our Multi Charm Bracelet Stack to go alongside your festival entry bracelet.

Finally, big pendant earrings are a great alternative to dangly ones, so try our Earth Earrings or Tranquility Wave Earrings. Both have the festival, and hippy vibes, so you can’t go wrong.

Jewellery for Animal Lovers and Hardcore Festival-Goers

We will say it again - jewellery for animal lovers can be quirky and different, and a festival is more than a perfect opportunity to go wild with your animal pieces. So, don’t be shy, think outside the box, and wear all of your animal jewellery with pride.

Oh, and try not to get too muddy. But if you do, at least you’ll know you still look incredible in your animal jewellery!