How We’re Wearing Our Favourite Penguin Jewellery This Summer?

The sun is beating down, your tan is building, and the only thing missing is your favourite piece of penguin jewellery. Or turtle jewellery, koala, elephant, whatever your animal of choice is! But ours is most definitely penguins!

So, let’s dive into how we’re wearing our favourite penguin jewellery this summer with style and confidence.  

Holiday Time

It’s summer, you’re on your holiday, and it would be rude not to show off your range of animal jewellery, too. The obvious place to start is with our Penguin Belly Bar. This belly bar is a must-wear when tanning on the beach in your bikini. It makes a statement.

But you can’t stop there, it’s summer after all, and it’s time to get out the anklets. Nothing beats a cute and dainty anklet to wear with your sandals. So, our delicate and summery Starfish Anklet is simple enough that it won’t take away from the penguin belly bar.

Still, an anklet and belly bar isn’t going to cut it for us. Instead, we want to deck ourselves out in jewellery this summer, catching the glimmer of the sun from all angles. So, our Tranquility Wave Silver Ring will add to this summer look.

A Perfect Match

This summer, it’s all about matching your pieces. There’s nothing more satisfying than a cute penguin necklace that matches your cute penguin earrings. Matching jewellery simply looks well put together.

Luckily for you, we have a bunch of summery sets to make your jewellery match. Jewellery for animal lovers is what we do, so you can choose your favourite set to showcase what you love. We have a whale tail, starfish, and a white gold turtle earring and necklace set.

But we love penguins, and if penguin jewellery is your thing too, we have a range of penguin necklaces and earrings to match together. For example, try our Petite Penguin Earrings with our Dainty Silver Penguin Necklace. Although not a set, they’re the perfect match!

Cool and Quirky

Jewels, gems, and funky plastic jewellery have been around for a while now, and if you know how to wear them confidently, you can express yourself perfectly with these pieces.

For us, it’s all about the Cartoon Penguin Earrings or our Cute Penguin Acrylic Stud Earrings. These penguin earrings paired with our Multi Charm Bracelet Stack or one of our shell necklaces are perfectly cool together. Shell jewellery screams summer, and cute penguin jewellery that’s a little quirky can show the world you’re not afraid to style differently. 

Speaking of styling differently, our Turtle Mood Ring is a must if you’re on the far side of cool and quirky. With penguins in your ears and a turtle on your finger, you’ll be the epitome of cool.

But if you want the essence of summer and quirky, you have to go for our Pineapple Crystal Stud Earrings. We’ll definitely wear this every time we’re on the beach!

Now, cool and quirky jewellery pieces aren’t for everyone, but it’s a summer trend that you should take full advantage of if you love to be bold.

Be Charm-ing

Charms everywhere! Charms have been around for a while and are not going anywhere anytime soon. But we get why - they’re the perfect way to express yourself through jewellery.

So, we’re wearing our big and chunky Ocean Charms Bracelet paired with our simple Penguin and Igloo necklace. Big on the wrist and delicate around the neck balances out the look.

We also love our Multi Charm Bracelet Stack to go really big with the charm trend. Again, another simple necklace or our gold Penguin Earrings would compliment each other beautifully.

Colour, and Lots of It!

Gold and silver jewellery are all well and good, but what if you want to be bigger, louder, bolder? Well, we are 100% with you! 

This summer, we’re shouting loudly from the rooftops with our Dreamer Penguin Necklace, which changes colour in the dark! Wear this with our Opal Turtle Ring in silver, or if you’re feeling frisky, in black and blue. These bold pieces will contrast amazingly with a plain outfit but will yell even louder with a bright summer dress.

Our Dangle Butterfly Earrings come in various colours so that you can choose your favourite. No, it’s not penguin jewellery, but they’re colourful and dangle - what more could you want? Paired with our Rainbow Turtle Bracelet and cute shorts and top combo, you’ll be summer vibing flawlessly.

Summer Penguin Jewellery

So, that’s how we’re wearing our favourite penguin jewellery this summer. We hope we’ve inspired you to dig out your animal jewellery and flaunt it all summer long. 

Plus, all the pieces mentioned would make great gifts for penguin lovers this summer. So for those with summer birthdays, you’re all set with our range of penguin jewellery. Oh, and if you didn’t know, a percentage of all our sales goes to the Global Penguin Society!