The Perfect Jewellery Presents for Animal Lovers - Summer Trend Edition

You can all relax and let that smile reach every corner of your face because summer is finally here. So, we have some perfect jewellery presents for animal lovers who love to show off their style during summer.

We’ll not only be giving you amazing gift ideas for animal lovers, but we’ll also be sharing the summer essentials and jewellery trends.

A quick reminder before we do that: a percentage of anything you purchase from Shop Penguin will go to the Global Penguin Society. So, find the perfect gift and help a good cause.

Okay, let’s get into the hottest summer trends, and the perfect jewellery presents for animal lovers!

The Ultimate Summer Trend

Let’s not beat around the bush - the ultimate summer trend this year is gold jewellery. But this trend never really goes away anyway. So, you probably don’t need to dig deep into your jewellery box to find all your gold pieces.

We’ll get into this in the next point, but layering is the way to go, so don’t be afraid to go all out with your gold jewellery.

With that being said, opt for some chunky studs like our Mantaray Earrings and our Tranquility Wave Necklace to tie in with the summery ocean theme. But don’t stop there; we told you it’s all about layering, so add a choker like our Shell Chain option.

And if you’re looking for the perfect presents for animal lovers obsessed with gold, our Paw Print in Heart Bracelet is a great choice. Bracelets scream summer, and so do anklets; our Turtle Charm Anklet will draw all the attention when worn with simple sandals and a summery dress. It’s the perfect gift for the anklet-wearing turtle lover in your life.

So, no matter whether you’re buying some animal jewellery for your friend or wondering what the latest summer trends are, you will always be winning with gold pieces.

The Sky Is the Limit with Stacked and Layered Jewellery

We already warned you - layers are in! For anyone who loves and owns dogs, our Multilayered Paw Print Necklace is ideal.

The saying, the more, the merrier is the way to make your look more unique this summer. Always choose big rings and several necklaces of varying lengths. But if you’re not one for putting things together yourself, you can always opt for already layered pieces. For example, try our Penguin and Chain Choker or our Multi Charm Bracelet Stack.

Think outside of the box with presents for animal lovers, too. Take on board the summer trend of layering, and treat them to a couple of jewellery pieces they can pair together. Nothing says summer like the beach and ocean, so why not buy your bestie our Mermaid Tail Ring and Opal Turtle Blue Ring? Stacking these rings will give off the perfect summer vibes.

But again, if you’re not one for choosing pieces that go together, our Ocean Anklet Stack is all good to go. With five layers built in, it’s the ultimate summer stacking piece.

The Gem of Summer Essentials

Summer jewellery isn’t just about what you’ll wear to the beach and festivals. What about the day-to-day look? Well, that’s where the gemstones and pearls come in.

None of us are strangers to wearing our birthstone in a piece of jewellery. Gemstones aren’t new, but how you wear them this summer can be.

So, don’t gravitate towards your birthstone; choose the gems you love and want to rock. Rock the rocks! Try something from our collection of opal jewellery. And if you’re looking for gifts for animal lovers, something like our Paw Print Bracelet is a beautiful choice.

Summer Trends and Friends

If you’re looking for the latest summer trends, it’s all about gold jewellery, layers, and not being afraid to wear whatever gemstone you want.

As for presents for animal lovers that you know and love, there’s something for everyone. You can buy several pieces for your trendy animal lovers or choose a simple gemstone piece. Either way, they’ll be stylish and ready to flaunt it this summer.