The Perfect Animal Jewellery for Christmas Parties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means there’s about to be a whole heap of Christmas parties to attend. Choosing the perfect outfit that’s stylish and dressy but not too chilly for the crisp Christmas time air can be a chore. But that’s just step one; what about your Christmas jewellery to go with it?

When you think about Christmas jewellery, your mind may immediately go to cute snowflake earrings. Or maybe you think of a necklace showcasing Santa on his sleigh with a sack full of presents. But there’s something you probably haven’t considered - animal jewellery.    

If you’re an animal lover, Christmas parties are the perfect place to show off your favourite animal jewellery. Who said you have to have Christmas trees hanging from your ears? So why not be a little bit different?

So, let’s look at the perfect animal jewellery for Christmas parties. After all, wearing your favourite animal pieces will have everyone talking about how bold and unique your style is.

Glitzy Christmas Jewellery

If your mind doesn’t go to dangly snowman earrings when thinking of Christmas jewellery, then it probably goes to sparkle. Sparkly diamonds scream glitzy Christmas and go perfectly with any choice of outfit.

So, let’s look at some of the best animal jewellery with a little bit of shine.

Our gorgeous White Gold Turtle Necklace and Earring Set is the epitome of glitz. You may think turtles don’t really say ‘Christmas’ but you’re wrong on this one. In a cool, icy blue, this set is perfect for animal lovers that want to shine on the Christmas dancefloor. 

Grab your crush's attention from across the room and lure them in with this statement set. Maybe you’ll even share a kiss under the mistletoe. Either way, the attention will be on you if you wear these matching glitzy turtles.

But if turtles aren’t your thing, what about our Diamond Sparkle Butterfly Earrings? They even have sparkle in their name. These earrings are elegant, sophisticated, and perfect for a work Christmas party. But they are far from boring and will shimmer beautifully under the Christmas lights.  

Finally, our Diamond Snake Ring is ideal for those who love to make a big and bold statement. Snakes certainly don’t say Christmas, but you don’t care! This ring is elegant and pure diamonds, so it’s perfect for that Christmas glitz.

Subtle but Standout

It’s easy to go big with Christmas jewellery. Think giant baubles hanging from your lobes. But maybe you’re just not the type to wear Christmas tree decorations in your ears. That’s a-okay, and we have some beautiful subtle animal pieces that will still grab people’s attention at any Christmas do.

Our Petite Silver Penguin Earrings are sleek, cute, and fit in with the Christmas theme. There are endless Christmas pyjama sets covered in penguins. So we think it’s absolutely fine to fashion penguin jewellery at your next Christmas party.

These petite penguin earrings are exactly as described, petite. So you can show off your animal-loving personality without being too in-your-face.

Staying with the penguin theme, our Penguin Choker and Chain Necklace is also subtle but stylish. You can really show your personal style with the choice of a choker and animal jewellery all rolled into one.

But the ultimate subtle piece has to be an anklet. You may think anklets are best for summer days at the beach but show the world your style even when it’s cold outside. Our Butterfly Charm Anklet 2 Piece is delicate and discreet. But those who notice it will commend your fashion sense.

Christmas Gems

Are you the type who loves gemstones? Well, Christmas is the time to showcase your animal jewellery covered in gems.

Our Silver Rose Gold Paw Print Bracelet is the perfect balance between glitz and subtlety while wearing gorgeous Cubic Zirconia gems. This bracelet is small and dainty but will make everyone at the Christmas party want to take a closer look.

One of our favourite gem pieces, though, is our Opal Hope Turtle Earrings. As mentioned earlier, you may not rush to your turtle jewellery when planning your Christmas party accessories. But these earrings' beautiful white opal mirrors the snowy Christmas image. 

If you’re bold enough to wear turtles to your Christmas shindig, these are the ones to reach for if you’re a gem lover.

Animal Jewellery for Christmas Parties

Whether you’re a glitzy Christmas kind of gal or prefer something delicate and subtle, Christmas parties are the perfect opportunity to get out the animal jewellery. Again, who said Christmas jewellery had to strictly be Christmas themed?

So get out your glimmering penguins and dainty butterflies, and wear them with pride this Christmas.