Sloth Necklace


The Sloth symbolizes relaxation, conservation, groundedness, and patience. Sloth offers a unique perspective on life. It spends its time hanging upside-down in the trees and has the ability to rotate its head as far as owls. It gathers its wisdom and values from the Trees and Mother Earth.

A sleepy sloth pendant necklace, from the Shop Penguin - Animal Jewellery Collection.

Sloth lovers will adore for this pendant necklace to add to their collection. Featuring a small and detailed sloth pendant 'hanging' from a delicate trace chain, this is a fun piece of jewellery for adults, teens and children alike.

A brand founded out of love for animals!

At Shop Penguin we design and create gorgeous animal-inspired jewellery and accessories including bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Orders are sent worldwide from our studio in Liverpool, UK.


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