Penguin Gifts - 6 Gorgeous Gift Ideas for the Penguin Lover in Your Life

Who doesn’t love penguins? From their adorable walk, to their wonderful sense of community, our flightless feathered friends can’t fail to make you smile. And for the penguin fanatics in our lives, choosing the perfect penguin gifts is a fantastic way to show them how much we care.
We’re Talking “Penguin Gifts”, Not Penguin “Gifts”
When we talk about penguin gifts, we’re not talking about the type of gifts a male penguin might offer the lucky lady penguin who catches his eye. That is, unless that special someone is into random rocks you find on the beach (we’re not here to judge!)

We’re talking about the kind of special gifts that show you’ve put in some thought and effort, the gifts that can’t fail to make them smile.

Six Penguin Gifts You Need To Buy Right Now
You might have already figured out that we love penguins. We’re really proud of the wide range of penguin related products we offer, and we think they are all amazing. But for this article, we decided to share six of our most unique, popular, and just plain cool penguin related gifts.

1- Family is everything

We love this gorgeous, delicate penguin family necklace that says everything you want to say without speaking a word.

It’s the perfect gift for Mum on Mother’s Day, her birthday, or just to tell her she’s wonderful. This sentimental piece is a beautiful totem of family love.

Penguin Love Necklace

Did You Know…?
Penguins display decidedly “human-like” family bonds. In many species, parents will mate for life, and jointly nurture and care for their young. Penguins are remarkably loyal, which is why they are recognised as a symbol of faithful love.

2- Mother and Daughter

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child. This beautiful necklace combines sterling silver and rose gold for an eye-catching piece that is sure to melt the heart of any penguin lover.

What a gorgeous gift for a new mum!

Mother Daughter Penguin Necklace

Did You Know…?
Emperor Penguin mums set off on a perilous 2 month journey to the ocean before their babies’ hatch, to hunt for food, eventually returning ready to feed their newly hatched young.

3- Penguin Gifts for The Dreamers

This delightful penguin necklace stands out for all the right reasons. Watch their eyes glow when they open this unique gift, and then watch the necklace glow when the lights go out.

Can you think of someone who would love this adorable glow-in-the-dark piece?

Dreamer Penguin Necklace

Did You Know…?
In the Antarctic, where you find the greatest concentration of penguins, it’s dark for 6 months of the year.

4- So Much Fun!

We love these fun and adorable acrylic penguin stud earrings. Our younger penguin fans love these, and it’s easy to see why!

You can’t go wrong with these as a birthday gift.

Cute Penguin Acrylic Stud Earrings

Did You Know…?
These adorable penguins may be wearing scarves, but in the real world, penguins are wonderfully adapted to withstand freezing temperatures. Between their overlapping feathers, to their thick layers of fat, and special oil-producing glands to keep their feathers waxy and waterproof, these guys don’t have to worry about snow. And when it gets really cold, they huddle together for warmth!

5- Cartoon Penguins for The Win!

We couldn’t resist including these fabulous little cartoon penguin earrings on the list. If you’re shopping for penguin gifts, these need to go straight in the basket. They are just too cute.

Perfect for penguin fans young and old alike, these lovely little studs are a winning gift idea.

Cartoon Penguin Earrings
Did You Know…?
One of the nation’s favourite cartoon penguins, Pingu, has been around since 1986!

6- Diamonds Are Forever; And So Are Penguin Gifts!

This petite diamond penguin necklace is just stunning. It’s the perfect gift idea for a stylish, discerning penguin lover who loves a bit of sparkle.

Whether it’s a Valentine’s gift for a special lady, or a way to show mum you loves her, say it with diamonds.

Petite Diamond Penguin

Did You Know…?
The smallest species of penguin is the Little Penguin - weighing in at just 1kg! They are also the only penguins with blue and white feathers.

Giving Back
Did you know that 10 out of 18 of the world’s species of penguin are threatened with extinction? As penguin lovers ourselves, we want to do everything we can to help. That’s why we donate a percentage of our website sales to the Global Penguin Society.

That means that when you shop our penguin gift range, you’re actually helping real penguins in the wild!

About Us
Have we mentioned that we really love penguins? Our jewellery brand is inspired by our love for these gorgeous creatures, and some of their ocean-dwelling friends. All items are shipped in drawstring bags, and make perfect gifts. Check out our full range.