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At Shop Penguin we supply a range of unicorn gifts. The popularity of this mythical creature never wanes. A-listers love unicorns. Adults, children and everyone in between love unicorns! Unicorns are everywhere across social media, they’re in fantasy movies, they’re an animator’s dream. 

But where did our obsession with unicorns come from? Why are unicorn jewellery products still so popular? What even is a unicorn?

All you need to know about unicorns

The history of the unicorn

Silver Unicorn Earrings

Are unicorns real? No! The existence of unicorns has never been proven. Let’s just clear that up first. (Sorry!).

The unicorn is a mythical creature first mentioned in stories around 2700 BC, so unicorns go back a long way. They’re referred to in the ancient myths of India and China. Unsurprisingly, the word unicorn means ‘one-horn’. 

According to medieval legend, only a king could capture a unicorn because of the alleged danger it presented. In the 15th Century, King James II of Scotland believed this so strongly that the unicorn became the symbol of power and purity. Eventually the unicorn became the official animal of Scotland, which it still is today.

Trending unicorns

Origami Unicorn Necklace Gold

Culturally, unicorns have optimistic associations in today’s world. They symbolise freedom, purity, healing, happiness, positivity and hope. Unicorns represent pride and diversity in the LGBTQ community. In artwork across the world they are seen with rainbow coloured manes and tails. 

The popularity with My Little Pony that began in the 1990s took the unicorn trend to another level. The Google search for ‘unicorns’ has been rising since 2012. 

In 2016 the focus on unicorns and rainbow colours introduced us to unicorn food such as cakes and rainbow icing. Unicorns now feature across many clothing brands and have been seen on catwalks across the world. 

Unicorns are part of global culture. As each generation comes along they rediscover unicorns in different ways, so the commercial world delivers.

We’re often told to be ‘more unicorn’. It’s no surprise then that these colourful mythological creatures are represented in so many gifts, particularly unicorn jewellery.

Unicorn gifts from Shop Penguin

At Shop Penguin we supply ocean-inspired jewellery including penguins and turtles. Our unicorn jewellery range complements these perfectly.

Rhinestones Unicorn Pendant Necklace

The gold unicorn pendant necklace is Shop Penguin’s best selling necklace, and it’s not difficult to see why. For unicorn lovers this is the perfect gift. The pendant has a very cute design, decorated with rhinestones.

The necklace is often bought with matching gold unicorn stud earrings.

As with all of our jewellery, the earrings are packaged in an attractive gift bag or box, providing the ideal gift for unicorn lovers.

Gold Statement Unicorn Stud Earrings

Our gold unicorn stud earrings are a fantastic buy for unicorn fans and believers. The earrings are a cute statement that sparkle to the delight of unicorn lovers. Lots of our customers agree as these earrings are a best seller that work beautifully with the rhinestones pendant necklace

Unicorn Necklace and Earring Set

For the complete package, the Unicorn Necklace and Earring Set is the perfect solution. This beautifully designed set comprises a unicorn engraved, heart-shaped pendant on the necklace which is replicated in the design of the earrings. 

The white unicorn with blue mane stands out from the gold background, making the shape of the unicorn instantly noticeable. The rope necklace has intermittent beads creating a striking finish to this gorgeous unicorn necklace and earring gift set.

Silver Unicorn Earrings

Our silver unicorn earrings are a popular choice from our unicorn collection. Whether for adults or children, these unicorn earrings are a simple choice for both day wear and night wear. Depicting side profiles of a unicorn’s head with horn and mane, these lightweight earrings fit snuggly to the ears. These silver unicorn earrings are the ideal, fashionable choice of gift for unicorn hobbyists. 

Life is Magical

Indeed it is! And this stunning unicorn silver necklace proves it. From our ‘Meaning’ range, the Life is Magical necklace is packaged with an inspirational message for the gift recipient. The message reads, “Make a wish and put on your necklace with an open mind and positive spirit, life is truly magical. Wear your necklace as a reminder to believe in the extraordinary.”

As mentioned earlier in this article, unicorns are associated with positivity. This inspired the Meaning range and the desire to spread positivity and care through gifts to loved ones.

Sterling Silver Unicorn Adjustable Ring

This unicorn adjustable ring is a best seller at Shop Penguin. The band is open so that it can be easily tightened to the required size and the coloured stone has a mane and horn to represent the unicorn. This is the perfect gift for children or women of all sizes!

Origami Unicorn Necklace

If you’re on a mission to be ‘more unicorn’, the unique origami unicorn necklace in gold is definitely a show stopper. The gold outline image of a unicorn complements any outfit and will undoubtedly be a talking point among friends. This is the gift for true unicorn fans, keen to show off their obsession!

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